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Presbyters Council

Dear Clergy of our Holy Archdiocese:

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to be a part of the 33rd Biennial Clergy Laity Congress of our Holy Archdiocese. The Congress headquarters will be at the spacious Hilton Hotel in the "Big Apple."

As we arrive at the threshold of the Twenty-First Century, this gathering of our Church promises to take on historic proportions. Together we will offer our gratitude and thanksgiving for the brilliant "vision," "mission," and "leadership" of His Eminence Archbishop lakovos that has brought us on the road to "Go Forward" as a vibrant Church in the Western Hemisphere. Together, we will explore the "vision," "mission," and "leadership" that will enable this forward march in the future. The forums and clergy workshops will focus on successful church leadership for accomplishing the mission of Christ's Church to the world. Indeed, the Congress will afford us the unique opportunity to rejoice in our Holy Orthodox Faith through liturgy and prayer, dialogue and discussion, as we, a Christian family of believers, reach out to each other.

The significance of this particular Congress calls on all of us to participate! With this in mind, His Eminence with the Congress Steering Committee has graciously waived the registration fee for retired priests and presvyteres. Presvyteres (non delegates) of active clergy are being offered a discounted registration fee of $225. We are working enthusiastically to insure a successful Congress and await your arrival with exceeding joy!

Faithfully yours,

Fr. Paul C. Palesty
President of St. John Chrysostom Syndesmos
Archdiocesan District

Clergy-Laity 1996