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1996 Clergy-Laity Important Information

Questions and Answers

Who Comprises the Clergy Laity Congress?
According to the Uniform Parish Regulations, the Congress is comprised of the Archbishop, the Bishops, the members of the Archdiocesan Council and four representatives from each parish - the Priest, the President of the Parish ' Council and two members of the parish elected by the Parish Assembly.

Why Is It Important for My Parish to Participate?
While there are numerous reasons why every parish should be represented at the Congress, two very important ones are that participation affords each parish the opportunity to voice its opinion (and vote) regarding the direction and life of the Church in the Americas and secondly, that the delegates are able to network and be enlightened to new ideas, programs and ministries which can be of critical importance to his/her home parish. Equally important is that this gathering reinforces the belief that we are ONE Church and NOT independent parishes.

Can I Attend the Congress if I Am Not a Delegate?
Yes, anyone can attend the Congress as an "observer" which entitles them to participate in the entire program of the Congress such as the various forums and workshops. The obvious difference is that an "observer" does not have I the right to vote at the Plenary Sessions.

How Do I Register as an Observer?
By completing a registration form and returning it to the Congress Office at the Archdiocese along with the registration fee of $450. Upon your arrival at the Congress, you will receive a Delegate's Packet.

What Does the Delegate's Packet Include?
The Delegate's Packet includes tickets for all the meal functions such as the Opening Breakfast, the Philoptochos Luncheon, the Grand Banquet as well as social events such as the Byzantine Music Concert. It also includes transportation to and from various events which will be held outside the hotel as well a copy of the Commemorative Album, a special video featuring the ministry of His Eminence and all other related Congress materials.

Is It Too Late to Register as a Delegate or Observer?
No, you may register at the Congress but so that the necessary arrangements can be made, you should do so as soon as possible by calling the Congress Office at (212) 570-3500 to obtain a "Registration and Information Brochure" which includes a registration form.

If I Cannot Attend the Entire Congress Can I Obtain Tickets for Individual Events?
Yes, individuals tickets for all events (the Grand Banquet, etc.) can be purchased by calling the Congress Office.

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