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1996 Clergy-Laity Important Information

Special Events

Divine Liturgy - June 30th

In no other metropolis throughout the world is there at the very epicenter of the city such a bucolic tract as New York City's Central Park. .. a 843 acre oasis of greenery bounded on all sides by the towering sky scrapers of the Big Apple. It is in this unique setting that the opening Divine Liturgy will be held on the morning of Sunday June 30th - the Feast of the Holy Apostles. His Eminence, assisted by Hierarchs and clergymen from throughout the Orthodox world, will officiate at this Eucharistic gathering. In attendance will be an estimated congregation of 10,000 Orthodox faithful from the area parishes, with the responses being offered by a choir comprised of over 300 voices. No participant in the Clergy-Laity Congress will want to miss this truly historic moment in the history of the Church! 

Official Opening

Local and national religious, political and diplomatic leaders will participate in the Opening Ceremonies of the Congress on Monday, July 1 st. For the first time delegates to the Clergy-Laity Congress, Philoptochos Convention and Young Adult League Conference will all be present for the Opening Ceremonies which will be highlighted by the Keynote Address of His Eminence Archbishop lakovos. Philoptochos Luncheon

Tuesday, July 2,1996. The Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society celebrates the 65th Anniversary of its founding at the Philoptochos Luncheon with exciting speakers and remembrances of things past. 

Grand Banquet And Reception

Those attending the 33rd Clergy Laity Congress will have the opportunity to honor His Eminence at the Grand Banquet, July 3rd, which will be offered in behalf of the "omogenia". An evening of reflection, an evening of reminiscence, an opportunity for our beloved Archbishop to say thank you, an opportunity for the faithful to express their appreciation to His Eminence and "Eis Polla Eti Despota". 

4th Of July Doxology

The magnificent Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity will be the site of the July 4th Doxology in observance of the 220th Anniversary of U.S. Independence Day. Archbishop lakovos will preside at the Doxology assisted by hierarchs, clergy and the Cathedral Dean and Choir.

Clergy Family Dinner

The ever popular Clergy Family Dinner will take place early on the evening of July 4th- a joyous occasion for the Archbishop, the clergy and their families. The evening will conclude in time to enjoy the July 4th fireworks display - unique to the City of New York.

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