List of Exhibitors

Alphabetical List of Organizations, Ministries, and Vendors registered for the Exhibit Hall at the 44th Clergy-Laity Congress. For an interactive version, use our mobile app!

Alexander Press

Booth: 203C-206C
Categories: Bookstore & Gifts, Iconography, Liturgical Supplies

Books, Icons, CDs, Incense, prayer ropes, DVDs, posters   Learn more:

Alpha Omega Church Supplies

Booth: 214C-216C
Categories: Bookstore & Gifts, Iconography, Liturgical Supplies, Vestments and Textiles

Full range of ecclesiastical items, based in NYC. Chalices, vestments, chandeliers, furniture, fabrics, laity priest and Bishop gifts. Local and dependable support for all your needs. We can make anything custom for you.   Learn more:

American Church Supply

Booth: 174C
Categories: Liturgical Supplies

Church Supplies   Learn more:

Ancient Faith Ministries

Booth: 180C
Categories: Bookstore & Gifts

Orthodox Christian Books   Learn more:

Buy Greek Art, Inc.

Booth: 168C
Categories: Bookstore & Gifts

Complete line of sourveniers including clothes, toys, paintings, candy, spices, religious items, keychains, mati items, worry beads, t-shirts, housewares, costume jewlery, DCs and more to make your festival a success.   Learn more:

Byzantine Gifts by Theodora

Booth: 171C
Categories: Bookstore & Gifts, Iconography

Byzantine Icons & Gifts

Chatzivasileiou Michail

Booth: 170C
Categories: Liturgical Supplies,Vestments and Textiles

Producer of clerical materials, embroideries, liturgical vestments, altar table covers, altar boy robes, rassa, exorassa   Learn more:

CJK Design and Sacred Space

Booth: 164C
Categories: Architecture

Architect Planning Design, Sacred Space, Artifacts, Furniture, Glass, Windows, Doors, Medallions, Flooring   Learn more:

Cloud Tours, Inc.

Booth: 208C
Categories: Cultural, Other

Tour operator - brochures - flyers   Learn more:

Constantine George Pappas AIA Architecture

Booth: 195C
Categories: Architecture

Architecture   Learn more:

Crown Church Supplies

Booth: 181C
Categories: Liturgical Supplies

The finest furnishings for the Orthodox Church directly from the source. The Byzantine Tradition continues into the 21st C. Aesthetically and with the needs of today's church in mind. Chalices, Mexapteryga, crosses, engolpionss and more   Learn more:


Booth: 197C
Categories: Bookstore & Gifts

CDs for Sale.   Learn more:

Eleftheriadis Traditional Woodcarvers

Booth: 179C
Categories: Liturgical Supplies

Manufacturer of traditional wood carved ecclesiastical furniture, Chancel screens, pews, stalls, chanter stalls, icon-stands, lecturns, bishop's thrones, holy altars, pulpits, candle stands, sand-boxes, soleas, altar armchairs, chairs, epitaphs, wood carved offices, doors, wood icons, cupboards, ecclesiastical tables and sofas.   Learn more:

Evangelos Designs

Booth: 196C
Categories: Liturgical Supplies

Church furniture   Learn more:

Gallery Byzantium, Inc.

Booth: 190C
Categories: Bookstore & Gifts

Handcrafted heirloom quality jewelry   Learn more:

Georgios & Polytimi Ath. Angouris

Booth: 188C
Categories: Vestments and Textiles

Goldwoven, silkwoven brocades, embroidered textiles all relating the Church. Godl embroideries (epitaphy vestments), vestments for deacons, cassocks, rasa, robes for altar boys, chanters.   Learn more:

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

Booth: 152D-158D
Categories: Ministry

Ministries and Departments of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. The following departments and ministries will be in the Exhibit hall:

  Learn more:

Hellenic College Holy Cross

Booth: 164B
Categories: Ministry

Hellenic College Holy Cross Bookstore - books, vestments, icons   Learn more:

Icons Art

Booth: 184C
Categories: Iconography

Iconography: murals and portable for churches

Inspired Artisans

Booth: 191C
Categories: Liturgical Supplies

Mosaic (Venetian Glass) created in booth.   Learn more:

Insurance Systems Group, Inc.

Booth: 194C
Categories: Other

Property & casualty insurance for Orthodox churches and institutions   Learn more:

International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC)

Booth: 185C
Categories: Ministry

International Orthodox Christian Charities   Learn more:

Kappas LLC

Booth: 172B
Categories: Vestments and Textiles

Quality made products, using embroidery and printing processes. We produce priest vestmentS, altar covers and everything related to church embroideries.   Learn more:

Manikas Group Inc.

Booth: 166C-167C
Categories: Bookstore & Gifts

Ecclesiastical items

Martha and Mary Maternity House

Booth: 210C
Categories: Ministry

Ministry of Metropolis of Chicago that assists pregnant womed in need and their newborns   Learn more:

Mellini Art Glass & Mosaics

Booth: 160B
Categories: Iconography

Italy's premiere direct fabricator of premium mosaics. Workshops in Florence and Piertrasanta. Created hundres of mosaic iconography projects throughout the US for decades.

Merchandise Plus LLC

Booth: 168B

My Greek Home

Booth: 178C
Categories: Bookstore & Gifts, Cultural

Greek inspired home décor. All of our products are embellished with timeless Greek/America phrases. Will you find aprons, kitchen towels, pillow and more for your home.   Learn more:


Booth: 198C
Categories: Liturgical Supplies

tabernacles, censers, chalice sets, baptismal fonts,vestments

Orthodox Christian Fellowship/Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry

Booth: 186C
Categories: Ministry

OCF / OCPM   Learn more:

Orthodox Christian Mission Center/FOCUS

Booth: 187C
Categories: Ministry

OCMC / FOCUS - Worldwide Orthodox missions activities and opportunities/ FOCUS   Learn more:

Orthodox Church Supplies of America

Booth: 200C
Categories: Liturgical Supplies

Censers, tabernacles, icon stands, chalice sets, Gospels, wood carved items, chandeliers, processional sets, chalice covers, Epistles, banners, priest's crosses, Bishop's crossed, Bishop's pendants, walking sticks, walking staff, priest's vestments, anteri, exoraso   Learn more:

Orthodox Creations, LLC

Booth: 165C
Categories: Liturgical Supplies

Orthodox Catechetical products and Wood Products for Home and Church   Learn more:

Poli Mosaici SRL

Booth: 213C
Categories: Liturgical Supplies

Two panels in Venetian Mosaic

Pontian Youth Society "Pontos" of Massachusetts

Booth: 217C
Categories: Cultural

Informational Booth - Pontian Youth   Learn more:

Potamitis Publishing - Orthodox Children's Books

Booth: 212C
Categories: Bookstore & Gifts

Orthodox books in English, Greek and 16 other languages   Learn more:

Prince Silvero SA

Booth: 173B
Categories: Liturgical Supplies

Religious silver icons, silver crosses and egolpia   Learn more:

Project Mexico and St. Innocent Orphanage

Booth: 166B
Categories: Ministry

Building hope for boys without families and families without homes.   Learn more:

Retired Clergy Association and St. Basil Academy

Categories: Ministry

Retired Clergy / Saint Basil Academy   Learn more:

Rizza Orthodox Vestments

Booth: 175C-177C
Categories: Vestments and Textiles

Vestments, embroideries for all church purposes   Learn more: [email protected]

S.C. Juganaru Art S.R.L.

Booth: 199C
Categories: Vestments and Textiles

Church embroideries   Learn more:

Spyro Tsatsi & Anastasios Karanasis

Booth: 201C
Categories: Iconography


St. Photios Shrine

Booth: 169C
Categories: Ministry

St. Photios Shrine is an institution of the Greek Orthodox Archdicoese of America who supports Clergy-Laity by having an informational stop in the vendor hall.   Learn more:

Stamatis Papastamatiou

Booth: 140A-141A
Categories: Iconography

Mosaics - iconography - portraits   Learn more:

The Mount Athos Foundation of America

Booth: 207C
Categories: Ministry

Promoting awareness of the work and mission of the Friends of Mount Athos and the Mount Athos Foundation of America. Books, brochurs and other publications. Showing of videos related to Mount Athos   Learn more:

Themistoklis Petrou

Booth: 209C
Categories: Iconography

Icongraphy (wall painting) service

Tonelli Fine Art Studios

Booth: 135A-137A
Categories: Iconography

Mosaics   Learn more:

W & E Baum

Booth: 189C
Categories: Other

Designers and Manufacturers of Donor Walls, Trees of Life, memorial walls, plaques, awards, individual letters and signage. Our custom donor and memorial recognition products grace churches throughout the nation, permanently honoring church stewads, builders, donors and volunteers.   Learn more:

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