In Christ, We are one! 

Parish Delegates

Welcome Delegates! 

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is now closed! 

The Clergy-Laity Congress is primarily concerned with matters that affect the life, mission, growth and unity of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. As such, it is important for each parish of the Archdiocese to be represented at the Congress and to have the voices of their parishioners heard!

Below, you will find pricing along with the pertinent sections of the Regulations of the Archdiocese which outline how parishes are allocated delegates and who they are. 

NOTE: For any issues with registration, please email [email protected].

Registration Pricing

All registrations, except for the last option, include tickets to all events.

Clergy Delegate $750.00
Parish Delegate $750.00
Archdiocesan Council Member $750.00
Presvyteres $550.00
Retired Clergy (not serving a parish)/Retired Presvyteres $200.00
Non-Delegate Priest (second priest in Community) $700.00
Monastics $550.00
Non-Delegate Attendee (Day Access Only) $350.00


The "Non-Delegate Attendee" registration type is for access to daytime events only, including workshops, meetings, exhibit hall, etc. Tickets to Evening events may be purchased separately. This registration type is for Non-Delegate Archons, Spouses, Children, Additional Non-Delegate Parishioners, etc.


Additional Evening Event Tickets (optional)

If you have guests (spouse, children, etc.) who will not be registering on their own for the Clergy-Laity Congress, or if you are only planning to attend one of the evening events, you may purchase the following individual tickets:

Moonlight on the Midway (Welcome Event) $125.00
Cyprus: Land of Embrace (Cultural Event) $50.00
Gala & 4th of July Fireworks $250.00


About the Parish Delegates

According to the Archdiocesan Regulations:

Section 5: The Congress is comprised of the Archbishop, the members of the Synod, Auxiliary Bishops, the voting members of the Archdiocesan Council, the Chancellors of the Metropolises, the Vice Presidents of the Metropolis Councils, and clergy and lay representatives of each Parish in the Archdiocese.

Section 6: Each Parish, which is current in its financial obligations to the Archdiocese for the year preceding the Congress, shall be represented by the Parish Priest, the Parish Council President and in his or her absence the Vice President or in his or her absence any member of the Parish Council designated by it, and two (2) persons elected by the Parish Assembly. 

In the event of need and upon request, a Parish which is not current in its financial obligations to the Archdiocese may be authorized to participate in the Congress by its respective Hierarch.

Section 7: Each delegate to the Congress shall be in good standing in a Parish.

Section 8: Each delegate to the Congress shall:

A. Be entitled to one (1) vote on any issue put to a vote. No proxies shall be permitted.

B. Provide a written report of the proceedings of the Congress together with copies of any written reports that were distributed, to his or her Parishes, at the Parish Assembly immediately following each Congress.

47th Biennial
Clergy-Laity Congress
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America